Let’s have some fun with popsicles! Whilst I will always be the first person to tell you about the virtues of “all fruit and healthy” treats, sometimes we just need something a little more frivolous and fun. Since banana split is pretty much a summer dessert classic, why not turn it into something that will make the eyes of any guests at kid’s (or adult’s for that matter) party light up? Banana split popsicles dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, and topped with cream and a glacé cherry, if that doesn’t make people smile then I don’t know what will.


Here's what we'll need...

  • 2 bananas, chopped
  • 400g vanilla ice cream
  • 100g dark chocolate (you will have some left over, but need the volume for dipping)
  • coloured sprinkles (“hundreds and thousands”)
  • 100ml double cream, whipped
  • glacé cherries


  • 1

    Put the ice cream into a blender and top with the banana chunks.

  • 2

    Blend until smooth.

    Fill the popsicle moulds either with a spoon or – my preferred method – with a funnel.

  • 3

    Put the covers on top of the mould and insert the sticks. Freeze over night.

  • 4

    Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl.

  • 5

    Pour the melted chocolate into narrow container/glass to make it easier to dip the popsicles into it.

    Dip the popsicles into the chocolate and then straight into the sprinkles.

  • 6

    Place them onto a tray covered with baking paper and freeze.

  • 7

    Before serving whip up the cream. Top the popsicles with whipped cream and a cherry.

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By Carole Poirot on 20.07.18

Guest Contributor

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